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Our concern: your health

Stragen Nordic A/S, as part of the Stragen Group, develops and distributes Stragen generic pharmaceutical products in Scandinavia. Our offices are located in Hillerød, Denmark which is north of Copenhagen, where we have our own registration department and manage our well-established distribution network covering all of the Nordic countries. Stragen Nordic A/S is a well-established supplier of high-quality medicines. All Stragen Nordic’s production takes place in Europe, ensuring our offering of unsurpassed delivery security and the best possible quality control on all levels.

At Stragen, we are driven by a perpetual pursuit to refine and enhance existing therapies. With decades of experience and expertise in research and development, we diligently endeavor to offer hard-to-make, high added-value and niche hospital medicines.

In our commitment to improving the future of healthcare, we prioritize the well-being of patients and the expectations of our partners at the core of our actions. We ensure equitable access to innovative medicines, even in the face of manufacturing complexity. Our daily support for healthcare professionals is providing them with innovative therapeutic solutions, sometimes unique with dosages and pharmaceutical forms tailored to hospital practices. Hence, our commitment is to improve tomorrow’s health by effectively and distinctively addressing unmet medical needs.

Our specialized and dedicated scientific team consistently operates in accordance with the most up-to-date quality standards to deliver tailor-made solutions. All our products are manufactured in Europe with an eco-responsible approach.

What makes Stragen unique?

Care for Patients

Acknowledging the unique person within each patient and positioning them at the core of all our actions.

Care for Innovation

Over the last three decades, our scientific team has been dedicated to improving the formulation and the use of our medications to ensure the well-being of patients.

Care for Excellence

We are committed to providing high quality medications by promoting a culture of rigor and excellence throughout our organization, from the R&D department to the distribution of our products.

Our concern: your health

Critical Care

Our hospital portfolio focuses on the following therapeutic areas: Haemmorhage, epilpsy and infectious diseases.

Woman Health

Our products for women's health includes a whole range of oral contraceptives.

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