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Towards More Efficient Healthcare

Stragen Nordic A/S now has a large portfolio of products in the antibiotic, haemorhage, epilepsy and oral contraceptive markets.


Critical Care

Our hospital portfolio focuses on the following therapeutic areas: Haemmorhage, epilpsy and infectious diseases.

Woman Health

Our products for women's health includes a whole range of oral contraceptives.


Our specialized and dedicated scientific team works continuously according to the latest quality standards to provide tailored solutions to our partners.

Committed to patient well-being and treatment adherence, Stragen Laboratory initiates research projects focused on fundamental criteria, namely:

  • Innovation through new formulations to enhance the tolerance of our products.
  • Development of new stability data to improve the use of our products.
  • Introduction of new dosage forms to facilitate the use of our products, especially in emergency situations.
  • Launch of new packaging and dosages to diversify our propositions and satisfy the needs and expectations of our partners more proficiently.