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Towards More Efficient Healthcare

Our portfolio consists of over 40 products covering hospital-used medications, oral contraceptives, medical devices, and dietary supplements. Stragen specializes in the development and distribution of hormonal products, niche modified-release medications, and conventional solid release forms. We also develop and distribute high-quality parenteral medications, such as antibiotics and cytostatic agents.

Critical Care

Our hospital portfolio focuses on the following therapeutic areas: oncology, cardiology, neurology, infectious diseases and antifungals.

Woman Health

Our products for women's health includes a whole range of oral contraceptives as well as products specially designed to address issues related to endometriosis.

Consumer Health

Our products consist of natural formulations crafted from carefully selected active ingredients based on scientific evidence. Our expertise lies in fertility, immunity and metabolic disorders.


Our specialized and dedicated scientific team works continuously according to the latest quality standards to provide tailored solutions to our partners. Committed to patient well-being and treatment adherence, Stragen Laboratory initiates research projects focused on fundamental criteria, namely:

  • Innovation through new formulations to enhance the tolerance of our products.
  • Development of new stability data to improve the use of our products.
  • Introduction of new dosage forms to facilitate the use of our products, especially in emergency situations.
  • Launch of new packaging and dosages to diversify our propositions and satisfy the needs and expectations of our partners more proficiently.