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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Stragen Pharma, we’re not just about pharmaceuticals; we’re about making a difference. As specialists in Critical care and Women & Consumer health generics, we’re committed to as sustainable and socially responsible approach, in line with the four objectives we formulated in our policy: ““Enable good health, drive safe and ethical business, efficiency and reducing environmental impact.” SDG 3,8,10,12

Caring for the planet: 

We believe in a healthy planet. Dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, we intend to implement eco-friendly practices across our operation. From reducing waste to responsible sourcing, we’re working to preserve our planet for future generations. We carefully select partners who share our commitment with whom we work hand in hand to reduce both our emissions all along our value chain.

Advocating/Embracing Rights:

We stand firmly for human rights and women’s rights. We ensure fairness and respect for all employees in our business practices. We empower women within our organization and support gender equality initiatives worldwide.

Protecting Vulnerable Lives: 

Stragen Pharma vehemently opposes modern-day slavery and child labor. We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all individuals, regardless of age, gender or origin. Our dedication to eradicating these injustices is unwavering.

Governance Excellence:

Our strong governance ensures transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct throughout our organization. We build trust with our stakeholders.

Stragen Pharma sees sustainability and social responsibility as part of our core mission. We’re motivated to create a healthier, more equitable world. Join us in this journey toward a future where health and well-being coexist with environmental and social harmony. Together we make a difference.